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Time to Refresh?

Interior Insights from Sherry: (10.1.15)

As Fall approaches, we will typically be spending more times in our homes. If you enter and look at your home and you’re not feeling the love, maybe it’s time to redecorate or refresh your interior living space. Your home should nurture you, not disappoint you.

Before recoiling at the idea of adding another thing to your already crowded “to do “ list, know that this doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Redecorating can be done on any scale, and it can be done on your own, or by enlisting the help of a professional. Maybe it is time to knock down some walls and reconfigure the space you live in; but maybe you just need to add some fresh items and touches to update the look or to reflect your changing tastes.

To get you started, here are a few tips:

First, is your home working for you and your family? Does it support your lifestyle? Do you have an extra bedroom you use simply as a storage area, while you are crying out for more closet space in the entry hall next door, or an extra bath? These decisions need to be tempered with the timeframe you have left before moving, but if you’re planning on being there more than five years, the support of your lifestyle has tremendous value to you.

Second, If you don’t love it, don’t keep it. By love, I don’t mean you have to think it’s extraordinarily beautiful (though you may). I mean you have to love the look, or love the function, or deeply love the memory attached. Otherwise, it’s time to allow it to have a life somewhere else outside your home. (And no, your garage doesn’t count.)

Thirdly, remember paint is the cheapest and fastest way to make a significant impact. Don’t be afraid of color. Color is your friend. Color is also very personal, so don’t be overly swayed by trends. We’ll talk more about this in a future article.

There are many more considerations for creating your own haven, but addressing these three is a great start. And most importantly, start now. Because everyone, regardless of your taste or budget, deserves to have a home that they love to come home to.

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